• これからも変わらずアーティストとともに成長するホテルであり続けたい

    ART RYUMEIKAN TOKYOは、2012年より龍名館がホテル龍名館東京を中心とした各事業所を舞台に展開しているアート活動の総称です。
    103周年を迎える2012年に、これからも変わらずアーティストとともに成長するホテルであり続けたいとの思いからART RYUMEIKAN TOKYOはスタートしました。

    ART RYUMEIKAN TOKYO(ART)プロジェクトは、世界有数のメトロポリタンである東京のカルチャ―をホテルを彩るアートを通じて発信したいと考えております。





    取締役部長 水野豊



  • As ever, we hope to continue as a hotel that grows together with artists.

    ‘Art Ryumeikan Tokyo’ is the collective term for the art activities on exhibition from 2012 at each Ryumeikan branch, centered on the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo. Reading through the history of Ryumeikan since its founding in 1899, one sees many anecdotes of cultural figures leaving artworks in exchange for accommodation. Ryumeikan has long offered support to artists, and has been a place to hone artistic sensibilities.

    In 2012, as Ryukmeikan approaches its 103rd anniversary, we hope as ever to continue as a hotel that grows together with artists. This was the starting point of the ‘Art Ryumeikan Tokyo’ project.

    Through the artworks that decorate the hotel, the ‘Art Ryumeikan Tokyo’ (ART) project aims to convey the culture of Tokyo, one of the world’s pre-eminent metropolitan cities. The hotel’s central location in the urban Tokyo means art is never far from our hearts!
    Japan is home to a great many fantastic arts and artists, but has their art really become part of our lifestyle? Their works are certainly still not often enough displayed.

    In Japan, there is little familiarity with art in daily life; while music and films remain popular, few people purchase any kind of art on a daily basis. The concept of art is broad; even something that is not art might be considered art, depending on the perspective of the viewer. Although it may not take the form of high-priced classical masterpieces, art is always around us and it enriches our lives spiritually.

    While art may not necessarily be a strict requirement for daily living, it gives birth to mental and spiritual connections and an enrichment that transcend time and borders.

    General manager
    Yutaka Mizuno
    At the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, the focus is on younger, as yet unrecognized artists, who have created for us a modern cross-section of art on themes of Tokyo and Japanese culture. In addition to creating opportunities to encounter their works, we hope that these works convey the appeal of Tokyo to visitors from across the world.

    We hope that your visit to the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo will be an opportunity to encounter a wider world of art, and to experience the charms of Tokyo once more.