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  • 藏原 潔司(くらはら・きよし)

    1985年5月28日生まれ 福岡県出身。
    東京フィルムセンター映画・俳優専門学校 映画監督専攻 卒業。
    18歳の頃より8年間映写技師として働いてきた経験を持つ。その間に映画製作を学び、21歳の時に製作を開始した短編映画『太陽の石』が、学内映画祭で “年間最優秀作品賞”など多数受賞し、SKIPシティ国際Dシネマ映画祭2009短編部門にて“最優秀作品賞/川口市民賞”を受賞。実写で全編シルエットのみで描かれた斬新かつ幻想的な本作は、アカデミー賞の前哨戦であるロサンゼルス国際短編映画祭2009にノミネートされハリウッドで上映される他、ニューヨーク国際インディペンデント映画祭2009で“最優秀国際ファンタジー短編賞”を受賞するなど、国内・海外で高く評価されている。
    2013年、自身の制作会社を設立し、2014年2月に京都・嵐山で短編時代劇『風と舟』を撮影。その斬新な映像美と演出が認められ、ハワイ国際短編映画祭2014、ニューヨークシティ国際映画祭2015にて上映される。南カルフォルニアで開催された国際映画祭 Indie Fest USA 2015 においては、長編・短編作品全てを抑えて映画祭最優秀賞《Best of Festival》と最優秀アジア映画賞をW受賞した他、最優秀監督賞、最優秀撮影賞、最優秀短編映画賞にノミネートを果たす。

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  • Kiyoshi Kurahara

    Kiyoshi Kurahara was born in Fukuoka, Japan, on May 28, 1985.
    He graduated from Tokyo Film Center School of Arts (FC Tokyo), where he specialized in film direction. For eight years from the age of 18, he gained experience working as a projectionist at a movie theater, while at the same time studying film production. At 21, we began production of his short film A Stone of the Sun, which went on to win the “Annual Best Film Award” at FC Tokyo, as well as many other awards including the “Best Short Film Award / The Kawaguchi Citizen’s Award” at SKIP City International D-Cinema Film Festival in 2009. By depicting characters and landscapes entirely in silhouette, Kurahara succeeded in creating a uniquely original and fantastical live-action short. A Stone of the Sun was nominated for the 2009 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (a competition that is regarded as a prelude to the Academy Awards) and shown in Hollywood. It also received the “Best International Fantasy Short Film Award” at the New York International Independent Film Festival 2009, and has enjoyed high critical acclaim both in Japan and overseas.
    Black & White Foxes and the Cave of Light is a self-produced pilot version of a project announced in 2010, and it was shown at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2012.
    In 2013, Kurahara established his own independent production company, and began filming his short historical film The Wind and the Boat at Arashiyama, Kyoto, in February 2014. The refreshing visual beauty and dramatic techniques used in this piece led to its recognition and screening at the Hawaii International Short Film Festival in 2014, and the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2015. At the Indie Fest USA 2015 international film festival held in Southern California, The Wind and the Boat achieved a double victory, being awarded both the Best of Festival Award (covering both full-length feature film and short film categories) and the Best Asian Film Award; as well as receiving nominations for the Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Short Film awards.
    Currently, Kurahara is also undertaking the production of promotional videos and corporate introduction videos, at the request of the CEOs of various companies.

    HP: Facebook Page: twitter: @KiyoshiKurahara @KURAHARA_STUDIO YouTube channel:

Kiyoshi Kurahara / 藏原 潔司


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