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Application rules

Ryumeikan group. (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) has established the following application rules (hereinafter “these rules”) for those who apply (hereinafter referred to as “applicant”) and submit their work (hereinafter simply referred to as “work”) to TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2020/ART RYUMEIKAN TOKYO (hereinafter referred to as “this project”) that is operated by Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo.

Article 1. Handling of works, etc.
All expenses associated with uploading or other actions for works are to be paid by the applicants. The Group will not be responsible whatsoever for damaged data, etc. that take place during uploading.

2. The Group is not obligated to return media and data that were submitted by the applicant.

Article 2. The applicant’s representations and warranties as well as agreement
The applicant shall represent and guarantee that the work does not infringe upon copyright and other rights of a third party. The applicant shall agree not to offer the work (including similar works) to a project, which is the same as or similar to this project, sponsored by a third party other than the group.

Article 3. Indemnification
The applicant shall be responsible for damages inflicted on the Group or a third party regarding the work submitted by the applicant in this project, and must compensate for any damages.

Article 4. Disclaimer
The applicant shall compensate for any damage inflicted on the Group in operating this project as a result of the content of allocated work on which the applicant is imposed. However, the applicant shall not be responsible for damages inflicted on the Group resulting from natural disasters, such as an earthquake, fire, theft or other various damages to equipment and facilities for which the applicant is not responsible.

Article 5. Cancellation
These rules may be cancelled if one of the parties does not comply with obligations in these rules and does not reply to an official notice for two weeks after it is sent out by the other party or if the party does not correct its breach of compliance.

2. The Group may immediately cancel these rules if an event established in Article 3 occurs or if a major fact emerges that would make it difficult to sustain these rules.

Article 6. Consultations
The applicant and the Group shall both hold consultations in good faith to come to a peaceful resolution in the event items that are not established in these rules emerge or if these rules prove to be questionable.

Article 7. Court of jurisdiction
The court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from these rules shall be the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.