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  • 四季ギャラリー2012「夏」


    Four Seasons Garelly Summer



    Noriko Momoi (百井謙子)


  • Four seasons garelly 2012 "Summer"

    “Summer” exhibition at the HANAGOYOMI - Roppongi - Restaurant Theme of exhibition: “Feel the cool, enjoy the cool” At HANAGOYOMI - Roppongi -, a Japanese restaurant that offers the tastes of the four seasons, 12 photographic works are on display, filling the restaurant with a cool, summery ambience. With summer becoming hotter every year, why not come and enjoy summer the cool way in a summery ambience drinking refreshing alcoholic drinks and cuisine?
    *The photographic exhibition scheduled to run between June 1 and August 31, 2012.

    Four Seasons Garelly Summer

    Noriko Momoi

    Born in Tokyo. Works as photographer & photo stylist. Currently working on a wide range of photo shoots such as food photos, portraits, and theatrical stage photos, covering various media including magazines, mooks, and Web advertisements.

    Noriko Momoi (百井謙子)

    12 photos created based on the thematic blue color that reminds one of summer. By combining the transparency of the glass with the cooling image of the water, the photos express “coolness” and “breeziness” — but with none of the sharp coldness, just the gentle curves. By displaying these at HANAGOYOMI - Roppongi - and filling the restaurant with the blue color, the restaurant becomes an aquarium-like space, allowing guests to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the cool feeling.