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  • Hotel Ryumeikan Brand Video

    国際的に評価の高い藏原潔司監督(KIYOSHI KURAHARA STUDIO)制作。


    1985年5月28日生まれ 福岡県出身。
    東京フィルムセンター映画・俳優専門学校 映画監督専攻 卒業。18歳の頃より8年間映写技師として働いてきた経験を持つ。>>more



  • Hotel Ryumeikan Brand Video

    The Ryomeikan Brand Video, created in 2016.
    The video was produced by Director Kiyoshi Kurahara and the Kiyoshi Kurahara Studio, an internationally acclaimed production studio.

    Kiyoshi Kurahara

    Kiyoshi Kurahara was born in Fukuoka, Japan, on May 28, 1985. He graduated from Tokyo Film Center School of Arts (FC Tokyo), where he specialized in film direction. For eight years from the age of 18, he gained experience working as a projectionist at a movie theater, while at the same time studying film production. >>more


    I am deeply grateful to Ryumeikan for allowing me to produce their brand video. Thank you very much to all of the cast, film and production crew, and everyone who supported and cooperated in the making of the video.
    Ryomeikan is a ryokan that has been loved by many Japanese artists and cultural figures, to such an extent that there are numerous episodes and anecdotes—such as many painters visiting the ryokan, creating Japanese paintings and purposefully leaving them behind when they left. Because it is a place with a history of such deep relational ties with artists, and as someone who has produced various historical and period movies, I am extremely thankful to have been asked to produce this work for Ryomeikan on this occasion. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of capturing the atmosphere of the spaces within the hotel that are a crystallization of modernistic Japanese beauty and harmony, and the various people who visit the Hotel Ryomeikan, and portraying them in an attractive and appealing manner. For me, too, this is a very important piece of filmmaking that I will treasure for years to come. I would be very happy for everyone who sees the video to visit the Hotel Ryomeikan and experience its attraction for themselves, first hand.