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  • Hotel Ryumeikan History Video

    国際的に評価の高い藏原潔司監督(KIYOSHI KURAHARA STUDIO)制作。


    1985年5月28日生まれ 福岡県出身。
    東京フィルムセンター映画・俳優専門学校 映画監督専攻 卒業。18歳の頃より8年間映写技師として働いてきた経験を持つ。>>more



  • Hotel Ryumeikan History Video

    The Hotel Ryumeikan History Video, created in 2017.
    The video was produced by Director Kiyoshi Kurahara and the Kiyoshi Kurahara Studio, an internationally acclaimed production studio.

    Kiyoshi Kurahara

    Kiyoshi Kurahara was born in Fukuoka, Japan, on May 28, 1985. He graduated from Tokyo Film Center School of Arts (FC Tokyo), where he specialized in film direction. For eight years from the age of 18, he gained experience working as a projectionist at a movie theater, while at the same time studying film production. >>more


    When I was asked to produce The History of Hotel Ryumeikan, I looked at a great many photographs of Ryumeikan, spanning a history of more than 100 years. The photographs told the story of a hotel which has been loved my many and which has changed with the times and yet is still essentially the same.
    I felt that the Ryumeikain’s eternal values of hospitality and dedication to beauty and healing calm have been passed down carefully throughout its more than a century-long history until today. On your visit, be sure to look out for the Japanese Pagoda tree that continues to quietly protect the hotel and the artifacts such as the stone objets d’art, the hotel’s original signage, the art works donated by art lovers, and the Japanese paintings that appear in the film, as they are actually dotted here and there around the hotel. I am sincerely looking forward to another 100 years and the Ryumeikan’s further development. Thank you very much!