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  • To the sky

    「TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012」の推薦アーティスト、君島氏の作品「To the sky」。

    To the sky (君島彩子)



    君島彩子 / Ayako Kimijima

    紙、墨 、2012年
    私の暮らす住宅地周辺も、空は電線によって幾何学的に切り取れています。 その空を見上げた瞬間、羽ばたく鳥たちによって多角形の天井が壊され、上空との繋がりが感じられる時があります。 そんな一瞬も東京の楽しみのひとつです。

  • To the sky

    The piece ‘To the sky’ by artist Kimijima earned a commendation at the "Tokyo Post Card Award 2012".
    Look into the sky in Tokyo, and more often than not you will see a sky resembling this painting.
    Particularly for people who live in Tokyo, this picture will have an impact, we believe.

    To the sky (Ayako Kimijima

    Ink on paper, 2012
    Tokyo is often tagged with the image that its sky is rectangular. Sometimes it gives an impression of having a ceiling. The sky above the residential area where I live is geometrically divided up by electric cables. There are times when I look up to the sky and instantly feel connected to it as the polygonal sky gets destroyed by flying birds. Moments like that is also one of the enjoyable things about Tokyo.