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  • Miss ShopaHolic

    「TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012」大賞、服部チョコ氏の「Miss ShopaHolic」。

    <審査員長 芹沢高志氏の講評>


    Miss ShopaHolic / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012

    Choko Hattori


    服部チョコ / Choko Hattori

    そんな東京に生息するMiss Shopaholicたちをイメージして描きました。

  • Miss Shopaholic

    Grand prize awarded to the best of TOKYO POSTCARD AWARD 2012.

    The review from Takashi Serizawa is the president of the official jury.
    Among all the works, this one makes an extremely strong impact and catches the eyes.
    Compared with other works, this one appears to be using different, bright colors. The red, however, is not exactly cheerful, charming or exciting. Only girls’ legs are drawn, along with handfuls of shopping bags. This is a scene one frequently encounters in glamorous sections of Tokyo today, and the work does symbolize an aspect of the current city. However, more interesting is that when viewed from another angle one can also feel from the work a glance cast when someone of the same gender finds the fragile nature in young women living in today’s Tokyo.
    Though the work gives an impression of joy, I thought perhaps the artist was thinking of showing both light and shadow at the same time.
    I wanted to select a work that clearly indicates this year’s theme of “My…,” so I chose this work that showed an aspect of Tokyo not usually found.

    Miss Shopaholic / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012

    Choko Hattori

    Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from college, for almost two decades unquestioningly (or perhaps trying not to question), I've been working as a SE just to make a living. A year ago, in 2012, in the wake of a personal experience that completely changed my outlook on life, however, I began to think about all the possibilities of this short existence. Rather embarrassingly, only past the age of forty did I start to seek myself.

    服部チョコ / Choko Hattori

    Shibuya, Ginza, Daikanyama, Omotesando—to me, Tokyo is a shopaholic city. Limited editions, pre-releases, novelty items, bargain sales! Girls so thin you worry whether they eat properly. Always in mini-skirts, no matter how cold it gets, stumbling occasionally in their stiletto heels, traipsing around the stylish stores seeking the latest fashions. This image draws upon all the Miss Shopaholics who call Tokyo home.