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  • 乙姫広場からの日本橋

    「TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012」お客様審査員賞、河原井弘道氏の「乙姫広場からの日本橋」。

    <審査員長 芹沢高志氏からの講評>

    乙姫広場からの日本橋 / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012

    河原井 弘道

    1965年 日本大学 理工学部建築学科 卒業後、建築設計事務所に入所。
    1994年 杉並区阿佐谷の総合病院のリニューアルプロジェクトに参画。
    2008年 自動車会社の管財業務に従事、現在に至る。

    河原井 弘道 / Hiromichi Kawarai


  • Street Scene of Nihombashi from Otohime-Hiroba

    TOKYO POSTCARD AWARD 2012, Customers’ Selection Award.

    The review from Takashi Serizawa is the president of the official jury.
    The artist works in architecture and has always had an interest in buildings and townscapes.
    I heard the artist has been sketching the town in an attempt to depict buildings along with the surrounding environment and activities of the people, instead of looking at buildings from a professional standpoint. The sketches are of a skillful and accustomed touch, and at the same time full of dynamism and warmth.
    The warmth must have had wide appeal and the work was the most popular among hotel guests and those who voted online, so it was selected to receive the Customers’ Selection Award.

    乙姫広場からの日本橋 / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2012

    Hiromichi Kawarai

    Graduated Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University. Joined an architectural design office.
    Aside from working on construction projects in China as an employee of an overseas-based computer company, was also employed in facility management.
    Participated in renovation project for general hospital in Asagaya, Suginami ward.
    Employed in financial administration at an automobile company (up to present day).

    Hiromichi Kawarai

    The Nihonbashi bridge is both the starting point of Hiroshige Utagawa’s famous ‘Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido’ series and the Road Origin Marker of Japan, so I thought I'd like to try sketching it. The metropolitan highway running atop the bridge was constructed in 1963 prior to the Tokyo Olympics. Photographs show it honestly—moving a little away from the bridge, you see the view of the city skyline over the highway itself—but sketching suits me better, since changing your position offers more subjective angles from which to capture the landscape.
    I decided to depict the Ginza side of the bridge where the 100 years of modern architecture and style of this bridge dating from 1911 are harmonizing. Near the bridge on the Mitsukoshi department store side lays the Otohime Square, birthplace of the fish market. Standing before it, no doubt obstructing traffic, I took my time in finishing off this sketch.