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  • 東京弁当

    「TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2015」審査員特別賞、鹿熊茉夕氏の作品「東京弁当」。

    東京弁当 / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2015

    鹿熊 茉夕



    。。東京弁当でおもてなし。。東京の標はひとつだけではありません。 いくつもの標が集って大きな標となっています。 東京は伝統的文化、芸術、建築、テクノロジー、経済が凝縮されており、 過去と未来、古いものと新しいものの調和こそ東京の魅力だと思います。 私は、そんな東京をギッシリとつまった弁当箱みたいだと考えました。 弁当は、日本の文化で、今は海外からも注目を集めています。 そんな弁当に東京という御菜を詰め込んで、外国人をおもてなしいたします。

  • Tokyo Bento

    Special Recognition Award of TOKYO POSTCARD AWARD 2015.

    What is TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2015

    Tokyo Bento / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2015

    Mayu Kakuma

    I have a keen interest in Japanese culture, and have created many Japanese-themed pieces, from the feeling of wanting to communicate the fascinating appeal of Japan to the rest of the world. I like creating things, and make use of various media—including illustrations, 3D-objects and video—in my creative activities.

    Mayu Kakuma

    Tokyo hospitality, with a traditional Tokyo bento (lunch box)…There is not only one symbol for Tokyo. Rather, many different symbols gather together to form one big symbol. Tokyo is a condensed concentration of traditional culture, the arts, architecture, technology and the economy. I believe that the harmonious balance of past and future, the old and the new, is the true attraction of Tokyo. I though to myself that Tokyo is just like a bento box, packed full of delicious treats. Bento boxes are one item of Japanese culture that are now also gaining attention overseas. We will fill our bento box with the delicious delicacies of Tokyo, and entertain visitors from overseas with our Japanese hospitality.