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  • 東京ハピネス!

    「TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2016」 大賞作品、Lilly Fairies氏の作品「東京ハピネス!」。


    東京ハピネス! / Tokyo Happiness!! / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2016

    Lilly Fairies


    Lilly Fairies/リリーフェアリーズ

    私の、東京の日常の一週間のイメージは、毎日利用する”駅”です。東京の駅は、一週間を通して、平日は、サラリーマンやOLや学生、休日には、外国人や旅行客など、実に沢山の様々な人が行き交い、目的も人それぞれで、ドラマがあると思います。 駅は、外観に特色のある東京駅と原宿駅を題材にしました。 エキサイティングで、わくわくハッピーな東京の駅と人々を、樹脂粘土の人形と色画用紙で、カラフルに表現しました。楽しい感じが、皆さんに伝われば幸いです。

  • Tokyo Happiness!!

    Grand prize awarded to the best of TOKYO POSTCARD AWARD 2016.

    What is TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2016

    東京ハピネス! / Tokyo Happiness!! / TOKYO POST CARD AWARD 2016

    Lilly Fairies

    I previously worked as an illustrator. For the last 20 years I have worked as a doll maker, making dolls out of polymer-based clay, selling my creations at my fixed store, exhibiting at events and also working as an instructor. Since one year ago, I have been investing my energies into artwork created by photographing my clay dolls against backdrops painted in watercolors and acrylics, around the concept of Märchen (folk tales or fairytales).


    My own personal image of my average week in Tokyo is symbolized by train stations, which I use every day. Tokyo’s stations see the coming and going of a truly diverse range of many, many different people throughout the week; everyone from salary-men (typical Japanese businessmen) and OLs (female office workers) on weekdays to foreigners and tourists on holidays and weekends. Their purposes of travel also vary form person to person, and they all have their own personal dramas going on. I decided to use Tokyo Station and Harajuku Station, with their distinctive external appearances, as the motif for my piece. I colorfully expressed the happy, excited people at Tokyo Station using clay figures and colored construction paper. I hope that the fun and enjoyable feeling that I put into this piece comes across to all of you, too.