GALLERY 作品のご紹介

  • 和の匠



    『伝わる書』・『心温まる作品』をテーマに、相手に伝える書を追及し、 数々の作品を生み出している。


  • Wa no Takumi

    This work, entitled Wa-no-takumi (Craft of Harmony) , was created in April 2012 to commemorate the renovation of Hanagoyomi Roppongi.
    The imposing presence and impact of the brushwork imparts a sense of the attitude of Japanese cuisine to customers entering the restaurant.
    In recent years, Japanese cuisine has gained worldwide recognition. We decided that we would like to offer excellent, finely crafted Japanese cuisine in Roppongi, where many visitors from overseas gather.
    In urban Roppongi, lined with tall buildings, why not treat yourself to a taste of Japan?

    Naoya Matsumoto

    A Ryumeikan employee.
    Koho Matsuda , who has held a brush since the age of 4, is a calligraphy instructor.
    He continues to create countless works designed to convey a message to the reader, based on the themes ‘words that convey’ and heartwarming works.’

    Naoya Matsumoto / 松本直也

    We thought hard about how to express the themes of ‘Japanese cuisine’ and ‘the Japanese esthetic’ with 3 simple characters brushed onto a large vertical piece of Japanese washi paper. Using a 60cm long brush, flowing characters and bold black drops of ink were abundantly applied to produce a dynamic effect.
    If before dining visitors to Hanagoyomi Roppongi can gain a sense of the atmosphere of Japanese cuisine in eager anticipation of the taste of Hanagoyomi, we will be honored.