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Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo


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Laundry machine

Laundry machine

In Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo has Laundromat on 10th and 12th floor. For those guests who are staying long, and those who cannot be bothered to wash your clothes after busy trip, use the Laundromat.

Laundromat in the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo has a capacity of 4.5kg both washing and drying. Laundromat will cost ¥200 for washing and ¥100/30 minutes for drying. Detergent will be mixed automatically so you just need to press a button.

automatic currency exchange machine

Automatic currency exchange machine

An automatic currency exchange machine in the lobby on the 15th floor to improve the level of convenience provided to all our guests.

[Hours of Operation]
24hours; Everyday

[14 Currencies Available]
US Dollar (USD) / Euro (EUR) / UK Pound (GBP) / Chinese Yuan (CNY) /Korean Won (KRW) / Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) / Taiwan Dollar (TWD) / Australian Dollar (AUD) /Canadian Dollar (CAD) / Singapore Dollar (SGD) / Thai Baht (THB) / Piso ng Pilipinas (PHP) /MalaYsian Ringgit (MYR) / Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)

[9 languages Available]
Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean / Thai / French / Malay / Portuguese

Smoking booth

Smoking booth

On the 15th floor of Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, there is a smoking booth. For the guests who smoke and staying in the non-smoking room for reasons, please use the facility. Also Hanagoyomi is non-smoking restaurant except some area, so when you wish to smoke after your meal, please do so at the smoking booth.

Parking lot(Contact us before you come by car)

Parking lot(Contact us before you come by car)

For the guests who are visiting us by car, we have a parking lot. Capacity of the parking lot is 34 spots, and prior reservation will be required if you are to use our parking lot. Please contact us and tell us your car type, and number of the number plate.

Specifications of the parking lot Multi-story parking lot
Vehicle restrictions Limited to 2m height, 2.05m width, 5.3m length and 2,300kg.
Price ¥1,200 / day for the guests of the hotel
¥300 / 20 minutes for others

*Due to equipment inspections or something, a parking lot might not be available. Please contact our staff before using.

* For security reasons, the gate of the parking lot will be closed between 23:00 to 7:00. The gate will be opened by pressing the interphone of the gate for the guests of the hotel.


Shurochiku(Lady palms)

Slender lady palm is popular for classic gardening. Its oriental taste is easily fit into both Japanese and Western plants. In Japan, slender lady palm has been popular since Edo era however, its popularity has grown rapidly again recently, and in the States and in Europe, number of people purchasing the lady palm is increasing. Gorgeous outlook and unique atmosphere are reason of its popularity however, the biggest reason of its popularity is its strength. Within the gardening plants, the lady palm is relatively strong, and it grows at the place without sunlight. It is often misunderstood as a member of bamboo however, it is actually a member of palm.

Hotel Tokyo Ryumeikan’s aim is to be strong and flourish as the lady palm.


Postcard Shipping Service

Ryumeikan hosts the Tokyo Postcard Award as a yearly competition with the aim of promoting the appeal of the city of Tokyo.
The award winning postcards are available in each guest room and complimentary postage stamps are also available at the front desk.
Please take this opportunity to share your Tokyo adventures with your family and friends around the world.

Safekeeping for Baggage

Safekeeping for Baggage

In Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, we can keep your baggage before and after check-in/out. Before Check-In, “Time before check-in, I want to leave my baggage at hotel!” Come to the 15th floor of the hotel. We will keep your baggage until the check-in. After Check-Out, “I still have time to go sightseeing” We will keep your baggage at the front desk same day, so you can spend your time without any heavy baggage. Moreover, if you have reservation near future, we will keep your baggage until the date. We accept “I will come back after a week, so keep my baggage.” Please facilitate this service for convenience of your trip. Of course, this service requires no extra charge. It is more convenient than the coin lockers.

For the guests who are to deliver the baggage to the hotel. In Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, we keep the delivered baggage until the date of the check-in. In that case, please write your name and the date of the reservation and send your baggage to the address below.

Date: Name:
Zip: 103-0028
Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, 1-3-22 Yaesu, Chuou-Ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3271-0971

Delivery Service

Delivery Service

At Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, we have a delivery service. The delivery service is available at the front desk for both cash on delivery and normal payment. Chilled delivery is also available.The delivery service is great for all the souvenirs that you bought for your family and friends.Delivery application papers are provided in the guest rooms. This service is only available inside Japan.
※Foreign deliveries are not accepted.

Morning and Evening News Papers

Morning and Evening News Papers

Morning and evening news papers are available for free at the front desk. Nikkei, Yomiuri, and Asahi are available for both morning and evening. Also, English morning papers are available for English speakers. In Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, we do not have daily TV program list, so you can also use the news paper for that purpose.

Guest laundry

Guest laundry

We have guest laundry service in Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo. If you bring your laundry before 10:00, it will be done by 19:00. In addition, we have quick service that you can get your laundry by 14:00 with extra cost. Also you can order how you wish your laundry to be done, like with or without pasting, folded, with hanger, etc.
For your long stay, please do facilitate the guest laundry service.

AV service

AV service

Video On Demand (VOD) Service More than 150 titles of movies and series of sitcom and dramas are available to watch in the guest rooms. Price is \1,000 and you can purchase via on demand vending machine of the each floor.
BBS World News
BBC World News is available in the guest rooms for free.
CNN is also available for free. ※CNNj name, logo and associated elements ™ and © 2012Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.
Blu-ray Player Rental Blu-ray players are available for free. You can watch your favorite DVD in the guest room.

In-room spa

In-room spa

Here, at Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, hotel guests can have an experience of aroma treatment service at their room.
We will relieve your fatigue with experienced staffs certified national license and esthetic qualification. Please contact the front desk your preferred time and menu.

Aroma esthetic course 60 minutes/ \11,000~
Nail course (hand and foot) \12,000
Nail course (Gel nail for hands and feet) \12,000