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Concept room “FORUS”

FORUS Concept and Commitment

  • “FORUS” stands for “For asu (tomorrow in Japanese) = a place where your tomorrow shines. ” Close to Tokyo station at the center of the city, to get away from hustle and bustle, we prepare rooms where guests can relax, while still enjoying the excitement of the journey.

    Under the theme of sightseeing, offering a way to “see the lights of the country,” your journey spending time alone or with your loved ones will be an important page in your life. We created “A room of journey” like a hideaway just for you where such a story is born.

  • The shower area in FORUS is a space where you can get rid of fatigue at the end of the day. We have three room types, each merging the comfortable functionality of the hotel with the traditional Japanese lifestyle to provide a calm and relaxing sojourn on your trip.

Introduction of each guest room~The differences between the three types of guest rooms and how to spend your time~



The TATAMI ROOM was created under the theme of playfulness in a return to childhood nostalgia with the local flavor of Tokyo’s Nihonbashi.

This room has a tatami mat area where you can take off your shoes, stretch your legs and relax. Guests can relax in Japanese style. Enjoy some snacks and a cup of Nespresso coffee, while reading a variety of books. We also have traditional Japanese toys such as a kendama ball and cup game and a ring toss. Please enjoy this nostalgic way of spending time in Japan.


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TOKYO SOHO was designed under the theme of connecting to tomorrow.

This room is ideal for online meetings in the lounge-like living room. On the “Tea & Writing Table,” you can put your documents or PC on one side table while you work, and place your tea on the other side table, so you can work while drinking tea without worrying about getting your documents wet. Please feel free to write down your inspirations and thoughts on the special “Doodle Wall,” which has the pattern of a shoji frame from a ryokan — you might get hit by good ideas.


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This is a room symbolizes Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo’s merger of Japanese and Western essences, and offering function and beauty. Under the concept of “Spending precious time on tatami mat,” we created more functional, more modern, and more comfortable Japanese-Western rooms.

Living rooms with tatami mats allow guests to take off their shoes and release the body. People can enjoy chatting over tea, while sitting around a Japanese-style low, round table on tatami mats. Please use it as your home in Tokyo.


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FORUS limited amenities

All rooms at FORUS are equipped with carefully selected amenities to ensure a comfortable stay and items that will make you feel at home

Nishikawa’s AIR series

Nishikawa’s AIR series

The bed has a special structure with the right amount of flexibility, hardness and high elasticity to support a natural sleeping posture.
It also supports people sleeping on their side. High-quality sleep will rejuvenate tired travelers.

Micronano bubble

Micronano bubble “nude” shower heads

Micronano bubble shower heads are created through water density management to have less impact on your skin.
Air bubbles smaller than pores have a strong cleansing affect that will make your skin clear healthier.

The Seiko Multiple Sound Clock

Japanese books

We have books in each guest room that will help convey the Japanese spirit. Why not experience the beauty of Japanese culture by learning about some of Japan’s popular products, such as Japanese tea, kimono and koi?


Traditional Japanese toy

The beloved kendama, a traditional Japanese toy that is so popular it has its own world championships, a kaleidoscope that offers a colorful, but transient beauty, and ring toss are provided in each room. You and your family can enjoy Japan in your room by playing with traditional Japanese toys.



We have a single-flower vase as an imitation of a bonsai. A green single-flower vase will welcome our valued guests to Hotel Ryumeikan.
The flower changes depending on the season.

3 kinds of tea exclusively for FORUS

Exclusive to the FORUS Room, we offer three kinds of tea to suit different occasions.
The recommended timing to drink each and the expected effects are different, so please try them while enjoying your stay in the FORUS Room.


FORUS Exclusive Tea Ginger Black Tea
Under the theme of “Warmth,” this Japanese-style black tea blended with ginger is recommended for post-shower refreshment.
Expected effects 〈Japanese-style black tea + Ginger〉
■Japanese-style black tea:Cold prevention through the antiviral role of catechin and theaflavin⇒Prevents cold caused by chill after bathing.
■Ginger:Thermal effects of shogaol

Roasted Green Tea with Brown Rice
Under the theme of “Relax,” this low-caffeine roasted green tea blended with brown rice is ideal before bed.
Expected effects 〈Roasted green tea + Brown rice〉
■Japanese-style black tea:Cold prevention through the antiviral role of catechin and theaflavin⇒Prevents cold caused by chill after bathing.
■Ginger:Thermal effects of shogaol

Blended Green Tea
Under the theme “Awakening,” this deep-steamed green tea Matcha blend is perfect for waking up.
Expected effects 〈Deep-steamed green tea + Matcha〉
■Deep-steamed green tea:Awakening effect through caffeine.
■Matcha (green tea powder):Contains the most caffeine among Japanese teas.

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