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Terms of “Membership program Bridge Business”

We provide services such as hotel discounts to companies that have registered for corporate membership, based on the usage records of our hotels. As a supporter of your company’s business success, we hope that you will increase the opportunities to use Ryumeikan. “Bridge Business” will be operated under the following regulations.

1. Ryumeikan Membership Program “Bridge Business” Regulations

  • <Definition>
    The Ryumeikan Membership program “Bridge Business” (hereinafter referred to as “Bridge Business”) means that Ryumeikan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ryumeikan”) provides to member companies (hereinafter referred to as “Member Company”) that use hotels and restaurants (hereinafter referred to as “Facilities”) operated by the Ryumeikan.
  • <Membership Qualifications>
    A member company is a corporation that has joined to Bridge Business by agreeing to the prescribed procedures and membership conditions, using these regulations and the terms of use such as accommodation agreements for facilities operated by Ryumeikan.
  • <Admission>
    1.Please fill in the necessary information on the Bridge Business membership application form on the website, agree to these regulations and apply for admission. At a later date, we will contact you by phone or email to confirm. A business card of the person in charge showing the email address and corporate name is required as a condition of membership. An ID and password will be issued and notified by email about one week after we receive the application form.
    2. Admission and annual fees are not required.
    3. We may refuse the application due to our internal review.
  • <Benefit>
    1. Bridge Business Members will be provided with the following services:
    (1) Applies to each night when using the reservation service directly provided by Ryumeikan hotels (including website and telephone inquiries). However, the discount benefit of “Ryumeikan Membership Program Bridge Personal” (hereinafter referred to as “Bridge Personal”) will not be applied.
    (2) Discount benefits can be used at Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten, Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo and Hotel 1899 Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “Our Hotels”).
    (3) Restaurant special benefits
    We provide member companies with complimentary tickets for our restaurants every six months.
    2. Hotels Discount Privileges
    Based on the usage records of each member company from January to December of the previous year, the discount rate will be changed every year from April of the current year to the end of March of the following year in consideration of social conditions.
    3. Bridge Business benefits are only available to employees of registered member companies.
    4. Bridge Personal’s “Benefits of stay” are applicable even if you make a reservation with Bridge Business.
  • <Disclosure of accommodation records>
    1. Accommodation records refer to the date of stay, the number of nights, the name of the guest, and the usage fee.
    2. Accommodation records for each company will be disclosed upon request from the person in charge of the member company registered with us.
  • <Termination of Bridge Business>
    Bridge Business may be terminated after notification to member companies in advance by email or on the hotel’s official website.
  • <Changes of Those Registered>
    1. If there is a change in the contents of registered items such as address, name, email address, telephone number, etc. registered by the member company, the change shall be promptly made by posting it on Ryumeikan’s website.
    2. Ryumeikan shall not be take responsible for any disadvantages incurred by the member company due to the failure to notify the change in the preceding paragraph.
  • <Cancellation of Membership>
    Membership will be revoked if any of the following apply.
    (1) If you make a false declaration at the time of admission.
    (2) When all contact information such as address, telephone number, email address, etc. becomes unknown.
    (3) Failure to pay various charges such as accommodation charges for facilities operated by Ryumeikan.
    (4) In case you cause damage or harm the facility’s customers, facilities operated by Ryumeikan (inside the facility, equipment, fixtures, incidental facilities, structures on the premises, etc.) and employees of the facilities operated by Ryumeikan, regardless of the response after the incident, for any unavoidable reason.
    (5) If you do not strictly observe the accommodation agreement and usage rules.
    (6) When assault, injury, threat, extortion, coercive unreasonable demands and similar criminal acts are recognized.
    (7) When judged to be an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, an organization related to an organized crime group or a related person.
    (8) When it is determined that an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group is affiliated with a corporation or other organization that controls business activities.
    (9) When judged to be antisocial groups, anti-social groups and related parties.
    (10) When the facility operated by the Company determines that it is inappropriate.
  • <Privacy Policy>
    1. Personal information registered or notified by member companies will be handled in accordance with the provisions set forth in Ryumeikan’s “Personal Information Protection Policy/Privacy Policy.”
    2. Article 5 shall apply to the disclosure of personal information accompanying the disclosure of information on usage records.
  • <Changes to Terms>
    These regulations may be revised at the convenience of Ryumeikan. The above revisions shall be announced on our website, and if a member company uses our services after the announcement, it will be deemed that the member company has agreed to the revision, regardless of whether or not the member company is aware of the revision.
  • <Governing Law/Agreed Jurisdiction>
    These regulations shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. In the event of a dispute regarding Bridge Business, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreed jurisdictional court of first instance.
  • <Effectiveness of this Agreement>
    This agreement is valid from March 1, 2022 and shall be applied in priority to the previous agreement.

Established March 1, 2022