Single-flower vase in the summer of 2022


FORUS, “For Asu(=Tomorrow in Japanese)” rooms mean the place which makes tomorrow shine.
We will deliver a season letter about FORUS room delivered four times a year.

The theme of the single-flower vase in the summer of 2022 is “The flowers that make you feel energetic”.
We have prepared artificial flowers that are perfect for the vibrant season.

FORUS Double A

Bright flowers such as gerberas (yellow), carnations (orange), hydrangeas (white),
lilies (white), and morning glories
remind us of the summer’s sun and decorate the FORUS room in the summer.

<Flower language>
・ Garbera・・・”Hope” “Always moving forward”
・ Carnation・・・”Innocent and deep love”


FORUS Double B

FORUS Double C

gerberas (yellow), carnations (orange), hydrangeas (white), lilies (white), morning glories

<Flower language>
・ Hydrangea・・・”Patience” “Tolerance”
・Lily・・・”Pure” “Innocent”
・Morning glory・・・”Refreshing tomorrow”

We hope that your stay will energize you for tomorrow with this powerful and beautiful
single-flower vases.

The breeze is beginning to smell like summer.
We wish you have a vibrant and wonderful summer.

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Cooperation with MICHALLON


FORUS Concept video