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Single-flower vase in the autumn of 2023


FORUS, “For Asu(=Tomorrow in Japanese)” rooms mean the place which makes tomorrow shine.
We will deliver a season letter about FORUS room delivered four times a year.

When the heat of the summer has subsided and we can be more comfortable every day in autumn, various changes are brought about in plants.Our single-flower vase for autumn 2023 is based on the theme “Energetic Morning” and we have prepared artificial flowers with mainly dahlias.

FORUS Double A

FORUS Double B

FORUS Double C

Dahlia, Eucalyptus, Gypsophila, and Kogiku (small chrysanthemum)

Dahlias convey a feeling of beauty and grace and such a splendid single-flower vase will brighten up the room and bring elegance to you.

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・Dahlia “Elegance”
・Eucalyptus “Precious memories”


We hope that your day will be filled with elegance just like the flowers in the FORUS room.

Now, as cool breezes blow and we can see mackerel skies, we wish you have an elegant and wonderful autumn like dahlias.

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FORUS Concept video