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Single-flower vase in the winter of 2023


FORUS, “For Asu(=Tomorrow in Japanese)” rooms mean the place which makes tomorrow shine.
We will deliver a season letter about FORUS room delivered four times a year.

Our single-flower vase for Winter 2023 is created with a focus on the plum blossom, which blooms beautifully despite the cold. We have prepared artificial plum flowers along with an evergreen tree that symbolizes eternity, and “Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine) Gold,” and “Gold Berry,” which are meant to make everyone’s wishes come true.

FORUS Double A

FORUS Double B

FORUS Double C

Plum blossom,Evergreen,Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine) Gold ,Gold Berry

Plum trees endure the harsh cold and bloom earlier than any other flower.
It is considered a symbol of joy that heralds the arrival of spring.

<Flower language>
Plum blossoms “Purity” “Elegance” “Patience” “Faithfulness”


We hope that you will have a new season full of joy the flowers in the FORUS room.

Now, as the weather gets crisp and the breath turns white, we wish your morning departure will be as pure as a plum blossom.

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Cooperation with MICHALLON


FORUS Concept video