From May 15th, all-you-can-eat Ninben Katsuobushi dried bonito is available at the Tokyo buffet!


Thank you very much for considering Hanagoyomi Tokyo.
From Monday, May 15th, a collaboration between Hanagoyomi Tokyo and Ninben, an established dried bonito specialty company in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, will be started.
At the Tokyo buffet, we offer unlimited use of the finest dried bonito flakes.
Enjoy a “luxury breakfast for your mind and body” by adding dried bonito flakes to the dishes prepared by our skilled Japanese chefs.

All-you-can-eat Honkare Katsuobushi; fermented dried bonito flakes.

What is Honkare Katsuobushi?

Katsuobushi is a traditional Japanese food that is roasted and dried Katsuo (bonito in Japanese). By drying the bonito, the umami and flavor of the fish are condensed, making the Katsuobushi very fragrant.
There are three types of Katsuobushi: Arabushi (dried bonito), Karebushi (high-grade dried bonito), and Honkare Katsuobushi (fermented high grade dried bonito). Among them, “Honkare Katsuobushi,” which is carefully made over 3 to 5 months, has a high-quality taste. The careful aging leaves it with a mild scent.
Since the water content is less than 15%, there is less of a fishy smell and the flavor is deeper.

Honkare Katsuobushi (fermented high-grade dried bonito) is a seasoning often used in Japanese cuisine and an essential of Japanese cuisine.
For example, bonito flakes are one of the indispensable ingredients when making dashi (soup stock), and they add depth of flavor and richness to Japanese cuisine. It can also be sliced thinly and used as a topping for dishes such as ochazuke (rice in soup) and sushi.
Recently, people are paying attention to the health benefits of dried bonito. Katsuobushi is rich in nutrients such as taurine and inositol, and is said to have effects such as lowering blood pressure and relieving fatigue.

Recommendation 1: Original dried bonito bowl

You can make your own original Katsuobushi rice bowl by pouring dried bonito flakes over rice, or combining it with raw eggs, natto (fermented soybeans), whitebait and grated yam.
Open the Katsuobushi package just before eating and enjoy the rich aroma of dried bonito dancing on top of the rice.

Recommendation 2: Grilled vegetables

You can also feel the synergistic effect of umami when you eat grilled vegetables with bonito flakes.
For an exquisite treat, add olive oil, bonito flakes and a little soy sauce to a savory and flavorful grilled tomato.
It is perfect for a healthy breakfast dish as it has a rich and refreshing taste.

Recommendation 3: Ohitashi (boiled vegetables)

The popular “Vegetable Shabu-Shabu” at the Tokyo buffet, where you can taste 30 kinds of vegetables including those from Tokyo, will be served again from Monday, May 15th.
Vegetables dipped in kombu dashi quickly become a delicious ohitashi when sprinkled with dried bonito flakes.
Please enjoy it by pouring soy sauce, ponzu sauce or our original “Crunchy dressing with coarsely chopped ingredients” on top.

We look forward to serving you at our restaurant.